I was employee #2. It was my first startup. I coded my first landing page, learned my first conversion tactic and saw my first $1 generated from an app at Twilio. It was an amazing experience. Above is the logo I designed with Jeff one afternoon. We sat and focused and looked through tons of ideas I had. Together - this is what we found was great. It's still there today.

This is a landing page that was designed and developed in 2009. It was one of the first few landing pages Twilio had.

This is where I learned about startups, from Jeff, Evan and John.

I've shared some messy and old sketches from my process back at Twilio. We'd have a meeting and I'd draw some ideas out and if we all agreed I'd start designing. This was for a How it Works page.

Twilio made an open-source app called OpenVBX. It was like Google Voice meets Wordpress - it was an interface that you easily create call flows in GUI (with a drag and drop simplicity). You'd tie your Twilio account in, install and you were on your way to automating calls. I designed the branding, app, docs and marketing material.

Here's a whitepaper Jeff took with him to hand out at a conference on telephony. The founders were still pitching the idea to people. Amazing how far it has come!

Another little sketch for a demo of How Twilio Works.

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