This is the Science identity system. It was my first project when I joined. Science had a logo-type that was simply 'Science' in small-caps Rockwell font (a popular slab-serif). The idea was to take the concept of "physical results of scientific experiments" and turn that into an identity. We led with "explosion" which is powerful, energetic and a display of force.

I'm currently a DIR at Science, located in downtown Santa Monica. A lot of people ask what a DIR is or what I do. Simply: I'm a design advisor for Science's portfolio. I help solve design problems, create prototype applications and concepts for the firm and advise companies on how and when to hire designers.

I also created some more literal visuals with high-zoom organic material and futuristic treatments.

Science's website was the first mobile site I'd developed. It's probably obvious if you dig around in the source code, I am more of a designer than a developer. Raw video for the site was shot by Grant Weinraub. I edited, processed and effected the footage.

I've designed presentational materials for Science and it's portfolio companies to raise Venture funding. The most notable success is the $30M raise we succeeded in with Hearst Publications. I designed the presentational materials for that pitch.

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