I often like to try things I'm not good at. Illustration was something that always intimidated me and I was never really great using Illustrator or Sketch App. I set a goal to get better and here is a showcase of my work and progress. I hope you enjoy it.

I made this monster dude to be a little creepy and a little friendly.

Sway Networks is a mobile dating platform. I hand drew this logotype for them.

HelloSociety needed a series of illustrations that represented each of their products. The CEO wanted something that was full of motion, but still a static image. After a few revisions we came up with this system of simple 'bursting' product illustrations.

My wife, the ultimate client, tasked me to make some art for our son's playroom. We wanted something simple and almost timeless, but playful and entertaining.

During the reveal our son named and laughed at all of them. The best pay for design I've experienced yet!

For FreshDish (now renamed to 'Tastery') I created a series of icons to explain the process of ordering a on-demand private chef. I wanted to show ingredients, cooking, cleaning and even ordering. These are the simple black and white versions before they were colored up.

For HelloSociety, I also made a massive set of small icons/illustrations for use in infographics and presentations.
A few of those are shown here.

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