Draftio is a personal project that I decided to take on during a holiday break. I had the idea for a while but only a short bit of time to work on it (around a week and a half). The idea was that there wasn't a great solution at the time to share designs with team members. I was working remote and really wanted the tool. So, I came up with all of this work to solve the problem.

While captive on an airplane ride, I decided to map out everything. Here is the user permissions for a few classes of user.

I jumped into photoshop and created a few ideas for the branding. I originally thought it might represent drafts / stickies so I went with yellow to bring that idea along. It turned out to be just an ok idea so I scraped it for the big red one above.

I drew out a bunch of screen ideas and interactions / flows too.

Then, I formalized them with notes in Omnigraffle. The entire app was mapped.

The next step was to see what the app might look like visually. I made some designs and kept going.

Even made the marketing / conversion site.

Complete with a snazzy checkout.

I didn't want to leave mobile out because for some teams, feedback happens on the go.

I use apps like Sketch and LiveView to see the app in real-time to make sure the pixels are great. The design in the app above looked a little rough on the real screen so you can see some amendments here.

I wrote a ton of prototype-quality front-end for Draftio and the marketing page as well.

I share this vaporwear project because it shows how I work really, really, really accurately. A lot of the process is dirty, unknown and just ideas / trying things. As the projects mature so do the ideas and the end results. Draftio never launched but I learned so much that it wasn't for nothing. I'm glad to share this little personal project, and my process for it, with you.

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