After an infamous launch in April 2011, Color was on the hunt to hire their first designer. Flush with $41M in funding from Sequoia, Bain and Silicon Valley Bank - Color wanted to redesign and put trust back into design. Amy Jackson from Elegantly connected with me and asked if I knew who "Color" was. I joined the team in June. The rest was history.

Our design team was small at 4, but extremely efficient and powerful. Team members included designers from Nike and AOL's beautiful "Alto" product. In-house we could create anything. The disciplines spanned from 3D software, video production, photography, illustration, print design, user experience, and visual design.

“Aubrey strives not only to deliver an experience solution, but to clearly define why our natural selves prefer that solution. I loved experiencing him get into this "mode". ” - Charles Riccardi, Android design lead at Color

Above you can see various concept systems and designs for photo and video sharing. We tried an array of different typographic and layout styles. We eventually stuck to building something - a live video broadcasting app capable of delivering HD video from mobile to mobile over cell-networks. No small feat. We leveraged your social network to deliver the live-update notifications.

We built many things. Some were seen, some were not.

At times the detail was almost staggering, above is the final stretch of over hundreds of icon styles for the new branding that Bill and I worked on. Here we worked on sizing and "the perfect blue."

This was the web view for a live broadcast. Anyone with this link could see either a real-time broadcast or return to play it again and again. We shared the location, viewers and of course... the video itself.

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