A friend and former colleague at Color & Science decided to head out on his own and start a company. Bop (formerly Soundcheck), was born. A YC S13 company founded by Stefan Gomez and Shehzad Daredia (marketing at Kayak, BD at TruAxis) - Bop aims to make music music discovery simple and beautiful.

Stefan and I made some early prototypes of the app in his apartment when he lived in Santa Monica. After work we'd go to his place and conceptualize great looking music UI. The dot-pattern background I came up with stuck and we decided to design around that.

After the company was renamed to Bop, a redesign of the branding was in order. The simple shape of the word lent itself well to the iconic logo you see now. In the center of the "o" a nod to the vinyl-playing record players of yesterday. The dot in the center of the "o" also unifies the design of the UI to the branding. One of the unique treatments of Bop's UI is the dot overlay on all of the header artwork. This part of the logo draws everything together.

I worked with the Bop cofounders to make some shirts that people would hopefully, really want to wear. This was the winning design that went to print.

We did a massive design sprint and finished the branding, marketing and app pages in just 3 days. Everything you see here (and more you don't see) was done in a weekend.

The song pages are rich with information, related songs and SEO-favorable data.

Bop also works just fine on the mobile web.

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