Authy is a 2-Factor Authentication security system. It turns your phone into a temporary password generator that works with your existing site passwords. Daniel reached out in fall of 2012 to redesign his Y-Combinator backed company. We worked together for over a year refining and developing his apps, sites and brand.

“f*#king beautiful site.” - Aaron Levie CEO / Advisor to Authy

This was the single-sentence response I received via email from Aaron Levie. It was one of the highlights of my career to have the CEO of such a prominent company enjoy the work I've done. Aaron was nice enough to invite me to Box's VIP event in San Francisco a few months later where Weezer entertained the attendees.

“I didn’t know how you could improve the pricing page, but you did!…..EXCELLENT!” - Daniel Palacio, CEO Authy

Daniel and I worked hard to make the pricing matrix for Authy both a highly conversion-optimized part of his site as well as a joy to look at. We wanted users to know exactly what they were getting in simple terms as well as promote a tier that was value-oriented.

The Authy logo was part of a process to create something that was approachable but was deeply rooted in security. Because Authy links two items together (your phone as half of the authentication), I pushed for a 'linked' symbol. It also happened to subtly spell "AU". There's an even subtler notion of a chain link, locking your password behind its secure walls. The rounded-edge typography was chosen to represent ease of use (for the developer API) and approachability. It also complements the shape of the mark.

Below are some rejected / early versions of the Authy logo.

Authy needed to work on everything.
Feature phones, Blackberry!, Android, web... you name it.

This is an iOS7 concept I designed.

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